Sunday, January 22

ideas/ tutorial

the final show plan is developing, i just need to sit down and write it now. its going to be all to do with on stage and off stage, comparing acting and singing, realiy and performance - i chose to concentrate on teh aspects that i feel are most relevant to the theatre studies course, though a lot of the directions i could have taken from the work in progress show interested me.. in particular about the voice itself and history it contains - but that will have to be for another project now!

Met with my tutor and discussed the rough structure and ideas. Got more ideas. We also picked up on some points from the feedback session - the concept of 'scenic truthfulness' which i did not quite understand - that is the idea that a contract, or set of coherent rules is set up between the performers and audience in everyshow and the performers tend to stay true to thier mise-enscene - so it can be a different world to the real world, but there is integrity within that stage-world - so in my work in progress show i was truthful to the terms of presentation, and even when i was singing the song at the end, i was in a way presenting it, rather than performing it (in the first half).

We also discussed a quote by Craig Owens about the work of Robert Wilson (while my tutor quoted in my work in progress report that i will post here soon) - it explores the idea that there is the actual stage space, and the absent space that the performer alludes to in his acting - so there is absence and presence simultaleously. Or something like that..!

I also learnt a new word:

Verisimilitude - ver·i·si·mil·i·tude  n.
1. The quality of appearing to be true or real. See Synonyms at truth.
2. Something that has the appearance of being true or real.