Wednesday, January 4

the human voice

this was the text that opened the work in progress show in the dark.

[each human voice carries the history of the person to whom it belongs - everything they have ever said and sung and even what they have eaten and the air they have breathed - it is conditioned by their lifestyle, the country they live in, the accents they have been exposed to and have adopted - the voice holds the memory of every time it has shouted and each time it has cried. Its remembers when it was too happy or sad to make a sound and when it was the first to break the silence. Tiny little vocal chords, the size of a five pence piece - it is not like psychological memory - it cannot block out or erase anything that has been said - it is a prime witness, has been through everything with you and does not forget. When a voice sings, this personal history can be heard - it is what makes each voice, and each note, unique, like a finger print]