Tuesday, December 20

Response to 'Self Portrait' - Grisha Arad

Hi Lail, it seems that your blog awakes in me some extrovert graphomania.As you may know, I am in love with the portraitgallery and reading about the exhibition of selfportraits,I looked at Esthers(painted in 1958!),now in my livingroom,I tried to apply some criteria I aquired,reading your blog. Esthers world was a caleidoscop of colors,she had a t remendous sense for composition and she could'nt resist to prolong her face a bit (a la El Greco) just to make the composition perfect.She put herself into a world she loved.That was her truth and nothing but the truth.The act of putting these colors on the canvas,was an interpretation of her innermost feelings,,, Love Saba