Monday, December 26

Response - Sarah Leyla Puello

I dont know if I have told you enough how much I liked your show. On top of all your responsabilities I have no idea how you managed to pull this off. And it was wonderful. I true delight and good mental exercise. Your thoughts are vey inquisite and complicated, I admire you for that.
And the song...the evil twn song, if pretty danm genius I have to say! I love it, I love your work, and I'm gonna be your number one fan ever! (if im not already! hehehye)...

The world is just perceptions, isnt it? I know this might not be relevant, but u might want to ponder on this Nietzsche said (I am so sorry I keep preaching about him recently, it is only the result of all this research, Peppe is quite tired of me putting him as an example all the time!):
"There are no moral phenomena, only a moral interpretations of phenomena..."

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