Wednesday, November 16

Response - Noga Malkin

My beautiful Laila,

Your blog is so interesting, and it deals with questions that are so close to everyday life, and that all people can relate to – because all people can relate to music. But it does it in such an interesting way, because some of these questions I never would have stopped to think about, they’d have eluded me and thus I wouldn’t have noticed these aspects. I was actually having this conversation with Yoav (remember him? Did I tell you that he lives here now?) – he was explaining the structure of songs in terms of A,B and C. and I was trying to make the case against “pop” – in the popular sense, while he claimed that there’s a reason why popular music is popular and that it means its got good qualities. And of course, I gave examples such as “spice girls” songs – which very popular and also very catchy – in the sense of memorable. Meaning, even someone as unmusical with a bad memory like myself, remembers until today how the melody (and words) to every one of their song goes. And does this mean they’re good? Or Britney spears? Or backstreet boys? And he said that yes – out of thousands of people who try to become pop stars every day, these people made it. And the question, of course, is how much of it is advertising and PR and good looks… and how much of it is the music.

Of course, you deal with this exactly (“And if a song succeeds in moving more people, should this be the measure of its success? The term 'pop' after all, comes from the word popular - so in some people's eyes, does mass appeal reduce the worth of a song?”)

God, I love your project. The more I read (and I do apologize for it taking me this long, I hardly have the time to read anything nowadays) the more I'm intrigued. How I envy you! Seems like so much fun to do this, dealing with precisely the things you love. And above all, I envy you for knowing precisely what the thing you love most is, and not being afraid for going with your talent and exploring it. You're so open and brave. Where do find the courage to post these things, your inmost thoughts and desires. This is perhaps what makes this so beautiful – academic and intelligent, clear and focused – on the one hand. And yet so personal. Btw, I didn’t know who Martha Wainwright was. I downloaded some of her songs. She’s wonderful!

I feel like we haven’t talked in so long, and yet I feel so close to you because of your blog.

“I would like to sing a song which is so honest that it can only be performed in a closed box where nobody can see me. And then I will put on a sequin dress and sing a song about desire in a loud voice to a million people.” – I love this.

And the people you chose to read and “cut” (although, I admit, I have not yet read all) – are just wonderful. I think this is going to be a really great project. And I can't wait to hear/read/see it (whatever it will turn out to be lie…). I'm amazed by the amount of work you did. how difficult it must have been!

Btw, no need to post the things I write you on the blog  - if you want to then ill make the response better, more accurate and specific, better phrased. Just like performance, so is writing a way of acting – and if I think I'm writing for an audience (instead of just for you, my personal audience) – then I put on an act, I guess.

I'm reading “tutorial - thoughts” now, from October 12th. I'm writing this email over a period of time, adding more as I go along, so pardon the confusion. I love this one the most so far. It is so honest. Such interesting questions arise. You talk so much about being yourself, about truth and honesty. Last week I saw closer again. Twice – day after day. I'm slightly obsessed. I remember when we talked about it and now I read your blog and I think you should see it again. I remind you that I, like you, hated it at first. I think it’s actually brilliant, wonderfully structured script, brilliant dialogues. And when you get down to it – it deals with nothing but honesty and truth.

The more responses I read the more I love your blog. I feel like it’s a community, like we all know each other – all of us reading your blog. We all read what you write and think about the questions you raise, I feel oddly closer to you and to them. Weird?

I haven’t yet finished reading. I have too much work, ill get back to it soon, though, it’s so much more fun than my work…

Love and xxxxx and lots and lots of good luck. It’s a fabulous project, I truly love it.