Saturday, November 26

Cuttings 38 - Elephant Eyelash

Here is an exctract from a guardian article about a new album by a rapper called Yoni Wolf:

'Despite his conversion to the art of melody, Elephant Eyelash is not pop music as anyone would know it. To a background of early 1990s "Daisy Age" hip-hop, jazzy vocal rhythms and non-linear spacerock, the witty, brutally honest lyrics form a series of journal entries.
"I feel that the more stright-up you are about the way you live, and the secrets you have, the more you realise that everyone's the same, and has the same hang-ups, and the less likely you're going to go to war with people," says Wolf. "It's political to me that I'm being so honest, and saying shit to people that's very personal to me; saying, 'This is me, I jack off in the back of aeroplanes and so do you'."