Friday, November 25

Cuttings 37 - poetry class

I was in a seminar in one of the english rooms and there must have been a poetry writing class going on in there earlier because the walls were covered in wonderful quotes and guidance, very relevant to songwriting - i noted some down -

-The best writing is honest
-The best writing conveys truth, although it may not be the truth
-There are no 'rules'
-A writer lise to improve on the turth, or upon their truth
-Inspiration does not exist; calculation is the adventure
-Writing must appear inevitable 'as easily as leaves to a tree', even if those leaves took years to grow to make, even if they are flayed-on to the tree
-So, art conceals art
-"Writing what you know" is a naive but necessary step
-"Writing what you don't know" might later hold more potential than "writing what you know"
-"Finding your voice" might be only one stage on the way to finding your voices or finding your style
-The real rewards of writing lie within the process of writing, not in publishing
-Clarity is hard-won, and of first importance
-Economy is all
-Energy, in language, is eternal delight
-Form is a useful tool insofar as is can teach you how to break with it, or bend it, once you have mastered it, but you must master it first
-Cliches, archaisms and inversions must must earn their place or be burned off the page
-Whom you know, can help you
-Audiences do not wait; you must create them
-Writing is one of the most joyful and rewarding activities for the human mind and body. It is physical
-Writing is one of the most arduous and self-exacting activities for the human mind and body. It is physical
-You will learn a lot about writing is you give yourself the permission to write badly
-Striking phrases contaminate with their beauty; you should excise them
-Adjectives and adverbs are the first to feel the spotlight of redrafting

Isn't this a wonderful list?