Monday, November 14

Cuttings 36 - Iggy Pop

I watched a video of Iggy Pop in concert in Paris 'Kiss my Blood'. Well, parts of it.
So disgusting. I just don't get the appeal.
But on a more academic note... (!).. very theatrical, in a way. well, huge performance at least. but what was really lacking for me was any sense of purpose. it was just sex and drugs and rock'n'roll for the hell of it. which is fine, i guess, and if i liked the style maybe i'd understand the pleasure of it as being a sufficient purpose.. but for me thats how it really differed from theatre - no narrative, no progression, just all out craziness from start to finish.
and i have no idea whether he was playing a loony character far removed from himself, or presenting a heightened version of his true self... seems kind of irrelevant it was so extreme.
oh dear, finding it hard to be objective here.. :-)