Sunday, November 13


I was in a seminar about Karl Marx's Capital, and my mind wondered a little..

It is true that value and price is a strange thing - in art, use value has nothing to do with exchange value.......a painting can be absolutely worthless or worth millions. Generally, for a painter or designer to be successful, they need to capture the interest of the art world - a small minority who is willing to pay high prices for their one-off pieces. For a singer or writer, however, its a very different story.. CD and book prices are standardised, and success is measured not on quality, but on quantity. It suddenly hit me how much harder it is for a singer/songwriter to ignore commercial factors.
Live performance, i guess, could be that unique (as opposed to manufactured and produced) event, equavalent to a painting (as opposed to a reproduction) - and to some extent, though much smaller, prices do vary for concert tickets based on who the artist is.. but again, its often about numbers, filling big venues.. and mostly its only after selling a lot of records that an artist can charge a lot for tickets in a small venue.
Very annoying realisation.
Maybe the best idea is to write songs that are never produced and distributed, but rather just sold to one person hehe..