Wednesday, November 9

Adi's dream

here is the dream i had, that i told you about and you asked me to send it to you, to write it down and send it, its funny to call a dream an it, anyway here it is:

i was back in school and i knew that i was going to have to sing in the talent show and i was very nervous. but then i was at home again and i realised i was late for the show and i got abit panicked but then suddenly i realised that i didn't need to worry because i was already there (even though i wasn't), and so i went to the show and watched myself singing and playing the piano, and i was compleatly calm because i wasn't on stage although i was at the same time, and it all went wrong, i forgot to sing but i played the piano ok, and at the end to make up for the not singing i (or the i that i was looking at) sang a bit of gospel......

hmmm i'm confused now

xx adi