Sunday, October 9

Thoughts that stick..

Ok that was a whole fat heap of writing i just did, now everything that was in the cuttings book is in here and i guess from now on the research will go directly in here.

I dont know if anyone actually waded their way through that... if not, and especially if yes, here are just some thoughts that stick out for me -

1)The idea about each human voice carrying with it the history of the person - everything they're ever said and sung and even what they have eaten and the air the breath - so what their lifestyle is and what country they live in - all the cultural conditioning, the accents they were exposed to and have adopted - who they talk to, when the voice has shouted and when it has cried. When it could not make a sound because they were too happy or too sad. When it was the first to break the silence. Little tiny vocal chords, the size of a five pence piece (did you know that?) like a super memory stick - and one that is detached from psychological memory - you cannot erase anything that has been said - it has been through everything with you and doesnt forget. All this can be heard when you sing - all this is what makes each voice, and each note, unique. Listen carefully next time...

2)This idea of each singer/songwriter deriving (consciously or not) their image (or non-image) from their particular personality, so that their 'persona' is an extension of their character, whether they are madonna or david byrne or martha wainwright - whether they put on a big show or seem to put on no show at all - so in a way, there is some 'truth' in every performing artist.

3)Ok, more subtle now: for those singers who do not put on a big show, that are not obvertly theatrical - where it would seem there is no image, a non-performance (except that of course there is something undeniably performative about a concert, however intimate), can i press this idea of the singing of a song being not an act but a 'HEIGHTENED REALITY'
This is performative, because it heightens, elevates, intensifies the emotion and humanity which is fed into the song - the music, the lyrics, the voice being the tools which help make art of life in song-form. Yet it is at the same time the opposite of a performance because it is so strongly rooted in reality - it can be poetic, passionate, powerful - but these are true sentiments, not imposed or chosen or learned. Tricky.
And it will be even more tricky putting the idea into practice.

ok, time to go to sleep. to let the voice and the mind relax..