Monday, October 24

Response - Sara Fanelli

Lailita I hope you are well , happy and having an inspiring time.
I finally had a moment to look at your "blog" properly. Though by now there is so much more on it I couldn't read all in one go !! For now I send you one of my very favourite bits from Calvino- it has been a guiding thought for years, also in my work. It is about handling the heaviness of reality by looking at it indirectly ( art/performance/etc), trough a reflection ( but not refusing to face it).

"at certain moments I felt that the entire world was turning into stone...It was as if no one could escape the inexorable stare of Medusa. the only hero able to cut off Medusa's head is Perseus, who flies with winged sandals; Perseus, who does not turn his gaze upon the face of the Gorgon but only upon her image reflected in a bronze shield....To cut off Medusa's head without being turned to stone, Perseus supports himself on the very lightest of things, the wings and the clouds, and fixes his gaze upon what can be revealed only by indirect vision, an image caught in a mirror.....Perseus's strength always lies in a refusal to look directly, but not in a refusal of the reality in which he is fated to live; he carries the reality with him and accepts it as his particular burden".
From the chapter on "lightness"in " Six Memos for the next Millennium" by Italo Calvino.

Lovissimo and hope to see you very soon Sara