Tuesday, October 18

Response - Poppy Keeling

Poppy: Lail I think you are a bit crackers. How does this [gospel entry] connect with your project? I am intrigued and also hooked.

Lail: How does it not connect??! I think that religious music - which is probably the earliest form of music - and music as a form of worship is extremely relevant in considering the relationship between song and performance. It fascinates me that there can be singing which is has nothing to do with performance but rather is a means of transcending life, of being taken to another place, of connecting with your community (and with higher powers..) Where rather than elevating your ego, attracting attention, you are supressing your ego, giving yourself over, forgetting the eyes that are watching you. I'm not sure that its possible in our pop idol society.. I cant believe that the worship singers did not experience some sort of performer's buzz, some self-indulgence, up on the stage singing to the congregation..... yet...... there was definately something different - and maybe it is only from my non-believer's perspective that I cannot explain it properly. But it makes me feel there are other dimensions to the performance of song which i have not even tapped into yet, which certainly i have never put into practice. Can music itself (as opposed to music for worship of a god) be the cause of transendence. Simply the joy and power of singing?having come back at you though, i agree, i am certainly a bit crackers, and maybe all these connections and spiralling thoughts are a bit incoherent.. also i wanted to tell you that after the church experience i dreamt about being back at a school concert and singing Lean On Me with the soulville girls, all hugging. I wont go into details, but certainly the sensation of singing in a group, singing for pleasure, singing with friends - singing+love? - triggered something in me.