Friday, October 28

Response - Grisha Arad

I succeeded to open your interresting blog and it caused me to think about various definitions of art.
One of them appeals specially to me. It was written by one of the outstanding poets in the18th century(sorry,but I don't remember whether it was Shiller or Goethe)and it says: "Wo sonst der Mensch verstummt in seiner Qual, gab mir ein guter Gott zu sagen,was Ich leide...." Which means in a rough translation: Whereas a man gets silent in his suffering,a good god let me say what I suffer...
A wonderful definition of art!
As to the media:text,music,interpretationpriority: I remember an fantastic british actor,Charles Laughton (did you see the film Mutiny on the Baunty,where he played the captain of the ship?)Well I saw this man in television, sitting alone on the stage and reading aloud the telefonbook.People listened fascinated to the names,adresses and numbers.So there is the question:no text,no music,but only the impact of the personality.Strange isn't it? Lailush, I hope to hear from you. Love Saba