Wednesday, October 12

Response - Alma Erlich

hi Lailun,

well I'm really astounded!!

Firstly this whole thing is so new to me. the idea that you can work publicly, that the process is not hidden, that you develop unclear thoughts in full view of, who?, is so alien to me. It is very exciting, and dynamic, a real novelty.

Secondly, looking through your writing, I am so impresses by the quality and the clarity. You don't pander to 'your audience', in this diary. you continue to try and figure out what you are thinking and reach some new ideas as catch them as they christilise. That should tell you something about you and songwriting as well.

I guess this is the part of the project where everything opens up, and its an enourmous tangle of wool. how long is a piece of string? and its a difficult stage to keep things open, where you dont know where the end of the string is. but its a most important stage.

Practically, I dont understand whether this 'blog' allows me to read the responses sent to you? are the responses sent as e-mails, like mine?
Have you included people like Jeannette? Martha?Robert Lee?
Do you send people prompts to read your blog?
How much work did it take you to get to this point?

Love and respect, almi