Friday, October 21

Response - Adi Hollander

hey lailou,

i've just been looking a bit more at your blog, i haven't read all the new stuff yet... but a sentence from when i first read it sticks in my head, you said you wished sometimes that you could sing a song in a box to allow yourself that freedom of being able to be completly honest, its a beautiful idea...and in a strange way a familiar feeling to me, that need to create which can be stalled by self consciousness or the idea of 'an audience' or that someone might one day see what you have created. i think this little bit of writing, written while i was in Toulouse on Erasmus might be relevent and so i have copied it for you here;
'I think that art school has done me no good. i now think too much of the viewer or the reader when really all i should think of is the thing that is being done. i cannot, probably, blame art school for this in truth but if not in truth then how should i say it? maybe to not say it would be best but it came into my head and i wished to write it down but it is not scandal as this is a letter to myself.'

not only to myself anymore though...
i hope this email made some sense and lots of love to you x