Thursday, October 20

Getting Political

The distinctions that I started with in my mind seem to be blurring..

I have concentrated, in my conception of 'truthful' songs mainly on autobiographical songwriting, but what about political songs? Can these not be absolutely grounded in conviction and honesty. Even though their style may not be personal-reflective, and they may use diverse literary techniques, ideas and narratives to communicate their message, the belief behind such a song can lead to powerfully honest performances. It parallels in some ways the singing of gospel songs I explored - that supression of ego, the use of music to bring people together and praise (or in this case maybe accuse), a form of singing that does not have entertainment as its main priority. So then a strong, militant and loud style of performance could in theory be as rooted in truthfulness as an intimate and vulnerable performance (and perhaps either of these forms can work with a personal or political content). ... ok...... so how does this actually differ from a piece of political theatre, where the actors relate to the experience and sentiments of their characters, or are just absolutely dedicated to the cause of the play? Maybe I should not but acting and singing on two different sides of the room but deduce that it is BELIEF and CONVICTION which makes the difference between a performance that is genuine, to one that is superficial. That whether a performance is of personal, political or religious nature, and whether it takes the form of song, theatre, film of painting, the most important thing is that the artist puts themselves 100% into the work and believes and cares about what they are communicating.
Maybe, i'm not sure, i just thought about it.