Friday, October 28

Galia on Martha...

hi lail!

well i am emailing you with some fun news, i went to a... martha wainwright concert in chicago!! she is fabulous, you were absolutely right. however, shes very..i dont know, the kind of woman you dont want on your bad side. she got really really angry at the people sitting at the bar for talking, and not just joking angry. well, at first it was like, "lets get the to shut up" kind of thing, lighter and more humorous. at one point though, she started to lecture and looked like she was almost gonna start crying, and at first it was like, cool cause it was real and emotional, but she got angrier and angrier and wouldnt stop. it made me as an audience member feel uncomfortable even though i wasnt the people she was yelling at, but i was ok with it, but then she made a comment like, "i just have to get used to the reality that im back to singing in bars" or something of the sort. that comment i thought was awful to say as a performer, cause i felt like, well, I am here, i drove 4 hours to see her and shes complaining about being there. i dont know, i kind of learned my lesson, put it on my checklist of things not to do when you perform-make the audience feel like shit.

but her voice and presence was incredible, (she is GORGEOUS) and it gave me a lot of inspiration.