Wednesday, October 5

First Entry

I find it strange that this is part of a university project. I feel like I am about to embark on the most intimate diary. And strange that, too, as 'intimate' is perhaps the most unfitting word for a blogspot that can be read by anyone, anywhere.

I'll attach the proposal of my project which was, to my total disbelief, accepted by my department. 'A performance of Original Songs'. And on this I will be assessed? It seems too fun, too easy, and far too difficult. It will combine my degree, my studies, my education with my passion, my work, my music. These have up til now existed in separate worlds for me and I'm eager (though addmittedly very tentative) to introduce them to one another.

So this log-book style blog will accompany the practical, research and academic aspects of my project. A sort of creative outlet for ideas and thoughts, an opportunity for feedback, for perspective. ........ What the hell is this project(???!)you must be thinking! well to be honest, I dont really know, at this stage. I'm confused- not only about what I want to do but also what I am allowed to do in this bizzarre new framework for my songwriting, suddenly monitored by official eyes. I hope that it will find its beat and and its feet.