Thursday, October 6

Cuttings Books

I started it over summer and its getting thicker.
I wish it was somehow online, i think im going to have problems with these aspects of the project existing separately... if i find a way get some of the research onto the blog i will, because it will put the posts in some sort of context...
just for a vague idea, so far the contents read:

-Notes of Dylan's Chronicles
-Notes on Robert Wilson's Great Day in the Morning
-Notes on David Byrne's Psycho Killer
-Cover versions: notes on the different verisons of Ain't No Sunshine, Cry Me a River, Little Girl Blue etc
-The Art of Song Interpretation, a course in vocal performance and song analysis, Course Outline
-Essentialism Vs Constructivism, an essay
-Notes on Performitivity, especially the performativity of song
-Performitivity in The Marx Brothers
-A analysis of 'Voice' in feminist discourse
-Transcript of the interludes in Lauren Hill's MTV unplugged gig
-Stanislavski/Bretch/Uta Hagen/Peter Brooke - approaches to acting, emotion in performance
-Martha Wainwright/ Cesaria Evora, descriptions of live performances
-Cabaret in Monmartre at the fin-de-siecle, an essay
-Notes on Madonna biography