Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 9 - performativity

All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players:
THey have their exits and entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.

~William Shakepeare, 'As You Like It'

->gender as a habitual, learned act, based on cultural norms of masculinity and femininity
->women and men coninually site gender norms in the their day-to-day behaviour withou realising it
->gender is not so mcuh a result of biological differences rather of the stylisations of the body and habits of mind supplied by cultural norms.

If we think of a singer.songwriter within the discourse of performativity and cultural construction, where every aspect of a person's identity is effected and formed by society, then does that dispel the option of being 'yourself' on stage? -of not 'performing', not presenting an image of yourself, just simply being? Are we ever no-t-acting? are our dcisions and behaviour in any way natural? Is this 'constructed' self even more performative when on stage?

'The performativity of texts, Music and Performance' Dr. Susanne Rupp:
->how does the phemonena of performitivity affect vocal music?
->One type of performitivity can be found within the text: The text is, in the sense defined by speech act theory, performative in itself.
->A text can be considered performative in the sense that it acts out a plot, or presents affects of e.g. joy or sadness. By doing this the text interactively addresses the desired person or other people present and also brings into play the body of the speaking/singing subject. The literary text gains a further performative dimension when it is set to music.
->The task of music is to interpet and intensify the affective, gestic and actional potential of the text. It is in this sense that music becomes performative itself.

Aspects of Performativity in Song:
-The Text itself ->plot, affects, emotions
-The Body of the singer
-The Music -> dynamics, pitch etc
-The Emotion of the singer/ of the listened - the relationship between these two
-The Voice of the singer
-The Relationship between: singer/songwriter/fictional/addressee/actual audience