Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 4 - Britney Spears

A true pop star? Video of live performance 'Oops I did it Again..'

-highly choreographed dance routines
-highly contemporary, backing dancers
-accessible, contact with crowd
-sweet 'average girl' image - achievable
-believable, not a diva - laughing chatting
-sets, costumes, huge scale
-pop, commercial
-no artistic aspirations
-sexual, flirtatious, provocative - with male dancers
-persona - girl not woman - extension of her true personality?
-use your tools - her body, loos
-songwriting not hers, but 'autobiographical'
-very american
-red leather costume in 'Oops' video - sexy but also a 'character' (outer-space)
-mass entertainment/ spectacle
-Nothing intellectual about it
-A product - thought out, decisions taken, rehearsed and polished performance

-->Starting to seem that however different each artist is, everyone develops a persona which is an extension of their natural presence and character..