Friday, October 28

Cuttings 31 - Fine art Vs Live art

'Sickert and Degas both loved the artificial world of the theatre. The juxtaposition of ther paintings shows their shared interent in unusual light effects and surprising angles. As Degas said, 'You give a real effect by using false means.' (from Tate Britain pamphlet)

Its interesting how the questions of reality and theatricality translate into other art forms. Often the issues overlap. The quote of Degas is great - and, I guess, accurate. You can equate singing with painting - an art form which can be used to recreate reality. But I wonder whether for those (like me?!) who argue that singing is not a 'false means' creating a 'real effect' - rather a true means which can heightens reality - are there also people that believe painting can be true, filled with real emotions, the brush=stroke of the painter, a moment captured from their experience? Or is there something different about 'live' art forms...?

There is certainly something important in the personal aspect of live performance - you can See the artist - (which you generally cannot in painting - even in selfportaits you are only seeing a representation of the artist) - in live performance, even if the performer is playing a role, they are indisputably there, themselves, in person.

This idea of personality and the personal can be taken even further - if you consider the behaviour of fans at a rock concert - or Beatlemania - this type of hysteria must have something to do with the fact that the performers being ideolising are within reach, actually present - which is different to watching an actor on the screen.
Is it different to seeing an actor on the stage? Maybe yes, because they are acting a character - whereas the singer is (supposedly at least) being themselves?so that the audience feel they are getting closer to the person?
My tutor mentioned the Rolling Stones. That masculine enegry of Mic Jagger's early performances - sex appeal of course plays a big part in the effect he had on his audience - that links in with the idea of 'live' physical energy which the artist transmits to the audience - and maybe which the audience also pass to the performer through their own presence?