Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 3 - David Byrne

'Stop Making Sense' film - performance analysis:

-fun, energy
-huge empty stage, bare
-dancing - movement a big part of show
-strange voice, on purpose, untrained
-rhythm, drive, quirky for quirky's sake
-entertainment, arty, original
-makes light of convention
-freedom, avante-garde
-art-school: aspirations, perspective, context
-excellent muscians
-possessed faceial expressions
-persona developed - or is he himself alkward and the show a heightened version of his character?
-Psycho Killer: crazy! songwriting And delivery - work together, suit each other.
-acting, comedian, funny walk, marching, entire show
-lighting (uplit), eerie
-costume changes, shoulder pads suit, glasses - all thought out
-theatrical set, lamp (like in a living room)
scitzophrenic characters - as bizzarre as possible
-shadow theatre backdrop
-projections: DOG / GRITS / SANDWHICH / PIG - conceptual, random - social commentary?
-No talking to the audience at all in between songs