Monday, October 24

Cuttings 29 - Nina Simone Documentary

What a legend.. but she is so strange.. her performances are kind of possessed... she's so serious and dead-pan, barely smiling, like a brick, still at her piano, very matter of fact, the same as when she speaks, and kind of detached - almost like she's bored - except she's so intense that obvisouly it is the opposite of bored.. its total concentration.

The programme explained how her singing started from a need to earn money in clubs; she actually wanted to be a pianist. She suffered from racism and say it stopped her from being accepted to music college. This fight against racism formed the determination behind the truth in her art - to resist on all levels.

Some quotes:

'Nina's about pain - she let everyone she knew see that pain too - [as if to say] its ok, you're not alone.'

'She had a great sense of drama, she new how to manipulate an audience'

'No fear' she 'spoke to the truth to power'.

'She was never anything that anyone wanted her to be.'

Maybe her political fight made her work truthful, bold, brave, but at the same time legitimised drama, theatricality - anything to make her point..