Friday, October 21

Cuttings 25 - Swimming To Cambodia

My tutor gave me this video to watch after a discussion on the boundaries between acting, performing and reality -

Spalding Gray sits at adesk, script on the table, lamp, no ceremony, and talks about his experience shooting a film in Southeast Asia for eight weeks. It is autobiographical - he wrote the text, he had the experiences - its him, its real, he's not 'acting' - its storytelling really. But he's very good at it - hand gestures, facial expressions, varying pace, voice, dynamics, using accents, evoking situations and characters - he is certainly a good performer, entertaining - it is like stand-up comedy almost.
But there are theatrical elements exploited - the whole thing is dramatically lit, there are projections of clouds on the background, some props, maps coming down, clips shows form his film and experimental music by Laurie Anderson underscoring certain parts. So does this make it theatre? A one man show? But I swear he wasnt acting! Just talking, bringing to life his experiences.