Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 19 - Madonna

Madonna - An intimate Biography' by J.Randy Taraborrelli

"they want to bring me to Paris and make me a disco star"
"but you hate disco"
"who cares? This could be my big break"
"but you're a dancer"
"well, now, I'm a dancer who sings, if thats what I gotta do to make it in this damn business"

"you're all naked ambition with no talent"
'she now had the idea to start her own band, develop her own sound, and promote her own persona.'
'now that madonna had determined that she would have a career in music in new york, she wanted to be immersed in that business twenty-four hours a day.'

->Such a calculated, opportunistic and almost random decidion to be a 'singer' for who is one of the most famour singers in teh world!
I find it so strange that the voice didnt come first - it was 'by the way' 0 the determination to be a star was what drove her, not the desire to sing, to make music..
->So in this case it was a conscious 'persona' she was creating for herself and 'promoting' - as a commodity, an image - so people have their different ways, but still it seems inextricably linked to her character though she is very much acting a part, it is almost an extension of her reality - like the honesty in joni mitchell is an extension of her own way of life and beliefs...