Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 17 - Uta Hagen

'Respect for Acting' by Uta Hagen

"Essential to a serious actor is the training and perfecting of the outer instrument - comprising of his body, his voice and his speech." (p.14)

->I do believe that this is true for singers - vocal technique (breathing, muscle support..) - is almost a science - it has to be mastered so that it becomes immediate and 'natural' -- but the problem is, once your voice is trained, you can use it to do specific effects, you have the control to chose how you want it to sound - so you lose the possibility of simply 'singing', and with it, the option of a non-performance.. s
So is a 'performance' anything that is 'conscious'?

"...the necessity for developing an organic inner technique as well as out outer instrument." (p.22)

->It is maybe here that singing/songwriting breaks from acting (or at least there is the option for a break) - some singers might choose to develop a technique for the 'inner', to apply acting training, for example 'emotion memory', to a song or a concert - as an actor would to a part. But could the 'organic inner' simply be 'real' (as opposed to a technique) - can the emotions (as they are yours - you had the experience, you wrote the song, it is you on the stage) be re-enganged naturally rather than consciously? They are tied up in the song and in you - it is not an act - it is heightened reality.

"My own self-image in a given situation, who I think I am, is not always what I really am...the inner image of myself in that situation may differ from the outer image I present." (p.24)

->That is, of course, true. It is one thing to consider who a singer wants to perform - it is the next step to consider how they are percieved. The image 'presented' is a whole new issue...and right now its getting late..