Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 15 - Stanislavski

How can acting technique be applied to singing..

Stanislavski, 'An Actor Prepares': Emotion Memory

"Those feelings, drawn from our actual experience, and transferred to our part, are what give life to the play" (p.164)

->But can a singer performing their own song go one step forward (or one step back..) and leave out the 'transfer', not performing a 'part' but still living the 'actual' emotions?

"The inner experience came first and was then embodied in an external form." (p.164)

->This is exactly what songwriting and singing does - externalises the inner thoughts and emotions...

"Although our senses of smell, taste, and touch are useful, and even sometimes important, in our art, their role is lerely auxilary and for the purpose of influencing our emotion memory..." (p.170)

->Is this tue? Is the emotional core of a song the most important factor to its deliver - over and above the technical or even sensual aspects? If the drive of emotion is right will it work as a performance - will the rest follow?

"Time is a splendid filter for our rememeberd feelings - besides it is a great artist. It not only purifies, it also transmutes even painfully realistic memories into poetry." (p.173)

->A song written 'in the moment' which eternalises the emotion being felt Vs A song written after some time, which has more distance and perspective...

"Those feelings will belong not to the person created by the author of the play, but to the actor himself." (p.177)

->A singer/songwriter somewhat collapses the distinctions between author, character and performer - but more than that - the performance is not the acting out of a part with feelings that that can be attached to it - it is Not Acting - it IS the feelings. Am I explaining clearly what I mean?
So if that could be true, what actually is the different between 'acting' a role and 'performing' as yourself? - because still something changes when you are on stage - you are never really completely yourself - is this where 'persona' comes in?

"Do you realise...why a real artist must lead a full, interesting, beautiful, varied, exalting and inspiring life?...We are asked to interpret the life of human souls from all over the world...he needs to observe, to conjecture, to experience, to be carries away with emotion." (p.192)

-> Er........OK...... I'll try!!! haha