Sunday, October 9

Cuttings 1 - Dylan 'Chronicles'

Autobiography - Is the Honesty Honest?

->We seem to have a preoccupation with knowing the person behind the songs - how much does our knowledge of the performer effect our enjoyment of the lyrics and the show?

Dylan: "Most of the other performers tried to put themselves across, rather than the song, but I didn't care about that, with me it was about putting the songs across."

->Is there really such a distinction? Does a performener not put themselves across in putting a song across? Even as a 'narrator' some relationship to the content and the crowd is inevitably established, though of course to a greater or lesser degree..

->Do we believe Dylan? HE was Very concerned with his image - think of the section about chosing his stage name, considering its connotations - is the autobiography not a continuation of this persona, trying to control how peopler ead him?

Dylan on Ricky Nelson: "His voice was sort of mysterious and made you fall into a certain mood..."

->There is an emotional/sensual effect created by each individual voice - to what extent can this be controlled and manipulated by the singer?