Thursday, October 6

Arts Festival Concert

Thoughts from last concert I did at the university-

The stage was high up and very far away from the first row of faces, it didnt work - it was so hard to correspond with the audience, to gauge their reactions, to create a rapport - and anyway, why would you put an imposing square stage on an amphitheatre space?

It was strange knowing most of the people in the crowd - there was nothing anonymous about it - I was with my friends before I sang, they were watching the show, I would rejoint hem afterwards - I think it stopped me from really performing, I was uncomfortable playing the rocker, at the same time, I wasn't confident enough being myself, I felt I had to put on some sort of a show - I was stuck in some place in between and especially in the links between the songs (I always find the speaking harder than the singing!), I wasnt quite relaxed... On the flipside, when I go and see my friends perform it is a different experience to seeing a singer I do not know personally - I worry for them, I notice little things, it is more about them than about the performance - I watch how the transform, rather than take it at performance-value, if you know what I mean. I guess thats natural.

But it was good. The sound was good. Some songs worked better than I expected. The response was very positive.