Sunday, October 16

Acceptable forms for truth

Why do i find it harder to speak truthfully in between songs than to sing truthful lyrics in the songs themselves?

Speech infers much more about my personality in that the audience will judge what I say as they judge their friends or teachers in everyday conversation. Talking is a form in which people are used to communicating with each other and understanding, noticing, assessing other people's characters. Consequently, speech style develops mechanisms and masks, which allows people to portray themselves how they want to be perceived - and to conceal what they don't want people to know. This is why it is hard to be truthful with confidence when talking to a crowd. It is in a way more exposed than singing.. people are not used to intimate confession, especially not in a public setting.

Singing songs on the other hand has become an acceptable form for honesty, a tool which is culturally honed for emotion - it seems appropriate for lyrics to be confessional, for the singer to cry during a concert. Songs and their interpretation in performance are granted an artistic freedom which makes it an easier structure within which to display emotion and drop your guard.

Maybe that's why.